Nordic Imagine Campaign Videos

3x Exlpainer Videos & Intro Animation, Juli 2019

I have had the pleasure of helping Deloitte with making 3 Explainer videos and a “presentation video” for the page from start to finish. For there Imagine campaign about how the future might turn out and what kind of challenges they have to deal with in different working fields. Made from the perspective of the decision-makers in each field, there have succeeded to adapt and overcome the new challenges.


Have been responsible and made the whole production from start to finish except for manuskript. Including Art Direction, Illustration, sound design, and animation.


After Effect, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign


OBS! Not original work! Made with content from variable sources.

I presented the client with three optional moods direction, where they could choose one to go forward with. There was based on their own guidelines, inspiration, and wishes. So we knew what look and feel we wish to proceed with. They decided to proceed with option 2.


After that I presented the client with 2 different styles to choose from narrowed down from the moodboard process. In the form of different images/styleframes as if it was a scene grab from the final result and visuals. So they could see how the chosen look and feel would apart to the final result and would be addressed. They decided to go with a mixture of both.

Draft Storyboard Proces

For making the best possible story, it begins with getting my ideas and thoughts down on paper as doodles and sketches. So I can’t get conscious about challenges, what works, and be able to tell the story as strong as possible.

Then I proceed with making the storyboard and animatic of it. There continue to help me with address challenges and testing my ideas.
It then got delivered for approval as animatic with dummy speak and music (watch below), but also as a .pdf with further explanation.

Final Frames storyboard Proces

The next face where we looked at how everything would end up looking and feel.
Was delivered for approval as an animatic with final speak and music (watch below) and a .pdf with further explanation.