JWU is Jens Willads Ullerup: A Danish freelance motion graphics designer, animator, illustrator, lecturer, musician, and hiker based in Copenhagen.

With heart and dedication, I solve business challenges with a deep understanding of what moves.

I’m passionate about changing the world through unforgettable stories that shift perspectives, change behaviors, and create momentum.

Motion graphics is my tool, where my core skills meet.

A picture says more than a thousand words, animation brings objects to life and makes complex messages accessible, sound brings sentiment, voice evokes power, and design provides clarity and understanding.

Motion graphics combine this.


That’s why I move stuff.

Selected clients
JWU' Client - TV2 Denmark JWU' Client - AndCo JWU' Client - Deloitte JWU' Client - Egmont JWU' Client - DR JWU' Client - Nordisk Film TV JWU' Client - Uncle Grey JWU' Client - Ogilvy JWU' Client - Drive JWU' Client - Larsen VFX JWU' Client - Benny Box JWU' Client - Vice JWU' Client - Gimmick VFX JWU' Client - Think